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We're thrilled that you're open to sharing your SISTAH BUDS BOX experience, and we wanted to create a platform where we could work together to spread the word about SISTAH BUDS BOX.


Working together we can: 


 ' educate women about the benefits of the cannabis plant, which will create a healthier community and help ignite a movement.'

Whether you are a blogger or a vlogger or something in between, our Affiliate Program is designed to reward you for sharing a little #sistahbuds 'bliss'.

Program Benefits

  • Joining is FREE!

  • We offer a $10 payout for each referral you make who registers for the subscription plan.

  • Gain early access to inside information including sneak peeks, promo codes, and other special opportunities for you and your audience.

  • You'll receive a unique link to share with your fans/followers

  • We've partnered with Kickoff Labs to track your success, so you can see how well you're doing!

Thank you for supporting  SISTAH BUDS BOX! We can't wait to start working together.

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We're seeking Affiliates focused on the following areas: bloggers, content, subscription box content and reviews, healthy lifestyle, the cannabis life style, food, beauty, wellness, fitness, senior/boomer bloggers and the yoga community.

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